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Sharing Knowledge, Flavors and Passions is my philosophy of life.  Mine is a cuisine that strictly follows the seasonality of raw materials and the rediscovery of traditional dishes. Every day I personally choose the ingredients by looking for them in the local markets and in the  small peasant and artisan companies of my land.  The dishes on the menu are the result of what I found fresh and which inspired me.

I want to reveal two of my secret ingredients: Il Tempo and my Team.

The cooking of my dishes requires time for preparation, for cooking always done at the moment, for presentation and finally for tasting.

Passion, sacrifices, the desire to do well and professionalism are elements that distinguish my collaborators. Thanks to them I am able to carry on my idea of ​​catering.

the Hall: Agnieszka, Maria, Alessia

the Kitchen: Andrea, Paolo, Angelica

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